WUAW Public Service Announcement Policy

Public Service Announcements are college and/or community activities that are offered to non-profit (501c3), cultural, and artistic organizations; that are in or near the Lee, Chatham, Harnett, Wake, and Cumberland county areas. Information should be sent at least two weeks prior to the event. If using email, please attach as a Word doc.

Announcements may or may not be aired depending upon the event and broadcast time or staff availability. Announcements (secular only) are broadcast randomly throughout the week.

Follow the prescribed layout and double-check every detail on the checklist below. PSAs that do not meet these requirements will not be considered for broadcast.


WUAW and Central Carolina Community College are seeking donations for its Audio and Video Production Technology (formerly Broadcasting & Production Technology) program.

As a non-commercial, educational radio station, WUAW is allowed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to sell underwriting. Underwriting differs from commercial advertising and must abide by the rules and regulations established by the FCC. Clients are referred to as underwriters, sponsors or donors and messages are called announcements rather than commercials.

Donations will allow WUAW to identify your business or organization at the beginning of the specified hour that you choose to underwrite. The acknowledgement may include the name, location, phone number and website of the business, a description of the goods and services it provides, slogans which identify the business as well as brand and trade names along with product or service listings.

WUAW is a student-run radio station. Donations will be used to purchase new equipment and materials for the station as well as provide scholarships for students seeking a career in broadcasting.

Donations to WUAW and the Central Carolina Community College Foundation are tax deductible and sponsorship packages start at $100 per month.

For more information, call (910) 814-8859.